Escape from the Ordinary

Power down, unplug, kick off your shoes and let yourself go. No roads, no cars, no sounds but the water on the shore, the gentle tradewinds in your hair. Or own the bragging rights and use our Wi-Fi to email, Facebook, Tweet or Snapchat while you sit in a lounge chair overlooking the South Pacific Ocean, a fruity tropical drink in hand.

Lalati Resort features 14 private and separate accommodations – Villas and Suites right on the sea. The main bure, which houses the bar and restaurant and is the general meeting place, is built in the chiefly style with soaring ceilings and huge posts. You’ll also discover a fantastic Activities Bure, with staff awaiting to plan your daily excursions, a spa with full spa menu, and lots of adventures right outside your door.

Romantic Island


Vacation of a Lifetime

You can easily get away with packing your toothbrush, shorts, t-shirts, swim suit and nothing else. We are totally authentic Fiji. No sky-high buildings, no honking horns. No cars, no roads, nothing but the sand, the sea, and miles of breathtaking views. We are easy and breezy.

You won’t find discos or nightclubs.

What you will find is adventures of the natural kind. Adrenalin comes not from fighting rush hour traffic, but from watching a pod of dolphins leap across the lagoon, from paddling serene Malumu Bay, from jumping into a waterfall pool.

This is the vacation you need. No – this is the vacation you deserve! Toss out your troubles and prepare to be swept away. If our pristine location doesn’t take your breath away, our warm and welcoming staff and fresh local cuisine surely will. Lalati is a casual Fiji beach resort. So wrap yourself in a sulu, sip a fresh tropical fruit smoothie, and grab your personal piece of paradise.

Lalati Resort & Spa is a place for inspiration. A totally authentic, fresh and natural Fijian experience. Surround yourself with virgin rainforest, warm tropical waters, kaleidoscope skies. Immerse yourself in romance, adventure, rejuvenation or absolute relaxation in our unspoiled corner of the world. Where the genuine warmth and world-renowned friendliness of the Fijian people creates a haven for lovers and loved ones, for adventurers and families, for seekers and explorers.



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