Where to Escape Armageddon!

Today’s politics have you in a panic? Stressed about “what’s next.” Well here’s a look at where to escape! We happened to stumble upon a this new post on a blog Titled “Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In if World War 3 Breaks... read more

Pop the Question!

For Romantics only … What more perfect way to “pop the question” than on a remote, South Pacific Island? How much more memorable can that be? We can help! Our onsite managers can help you create the perfect “moment.” During a quiet,... read more

We’re Good For Your Soul!

It’s true. Saltwater CAN soothe your soul. But did you know that in addition to its soothing qualities, spending time in or near the ocean can also provide other health benefits? Let’s explore a few reasons why we usually come home from a beach vacation feeling... read more

Watch Those Feet … and Fins!

Being “green” and sustainable is not only about recycling plastic bottles. It’s also about protecting the way we interact with our environment. Here at Lalati Resort’s Blue Starfish Dive Centre, our mission with guests is to educate about... read more