Dining Experiences

Pacific Rim cuisine – clean and fresh flavours

Lalati’s Pacific Rim cuisine features clean island fare using fresh seasonal ingredients available. Newly picked artisan vegetables, tropical fruits, fine imported meats and seafood caught from the pure seas of Fiji, all feature on an ever changing daily menu. Our staff lovingly prepares, presents and delivers your island meal with their traditional warm Bula smiles.

Three meals daily are included in your accommodation package price. Beverages include coffee, milk and juices for breakfast, and coffee, tea and filtered water throughout the day. Sodas and alcoholic beverages can be purchased at our Tangaroa Bar.

The water you drink with each meal is the purest captured rainwater, which goes through a triple filtration process. It is first sediment filtered at the source, followed by a run through a charcoal filter system. The final step – a UV light filtration process – ensures that the water is absolutely pure and clean.

Bayview Restaurant


Meals are served in our lofty, chiefly-style open air bure. You’ll be treated to all-encompassing views of the bay, sea and outlying islands for a picturesque, pure Fiji culinary event. Lalati’s Bayview Restaurant is a casual setting where you can tuck into your meal while watching the moon rise over Malumu Bay.

Each afternoon brings a proper “tea time” with homebaked treats like coconut scones, brownies and Lalati cookies fresh from the oven. Happy Hour snacks are offered nightly – roasted coconut and breadfruit, fresh dalo chips, and Fijian ‘caviar.”

Savour quiet time with your own private table-with-a-view. Make some new friends on your journey, and invite them to join you for robust conversation, as guests at Lalati Resort & Spa have traveled here from across the globe.

Moonlight Pier


The most romantic of all dining options is our Moonlight Pier. While the moon rises over the bay, it cuts a silvery swath across the calm, still waters.

Your gazebo at the end of the pier fits a candlelit table for two, and your own private servers. By reservation only.


Located on our protected beach area, Waterfront Dining is accompanied by the sounds of the sea, as gentle waves lap at the shoreline. Breezes blow off the bay, lanterns add to the ambiance.

Available for lunches and dinners, private or group, weather permitting, by reservation.

Waterfront Dining
Tangaroa Bar


What’s a trip to the tropics without a frosty exotic drink in hand? Start your vacation with a Coconut Breeze or your romantic Fijian honeymoon with a Wedded Bliss. The Tangaroa Bar opens at noon, serving top drawer liquors, local rum blends, cocktails, local and imported beers and spirits, and fine wines from Australia, New Zealand, France and Chile. Or enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie as a healthy alternative.

The Tangaroa bar is set with views of the bay and island. Don’t miss our nightly Happy Hour, where you can nibble on complimentary treats, and enjoy a discount on drinks. Also on tap is the popular Lalati Crab Races. Pick your contender, and watch as they race to the finish line. Did you pick the winner? Your drink at the bar is on us!

Weekly Managers’ Cocktail Hour is a chance to enjoy a complimentary tipple, and get to know your management team. Or take on the other guests in a Trivia Competition to test your knowledge and skills.


Our Theme Nights include Fijian Party Night, which features a traditional kava ceremony followed by a lovo feast. Meats, vegetables and root crops are cooked in a Fijian underground oven. This produces the most succulent dishes with a distinct smoky flavor. You can watch the staff prepare the lovo, and then join them as they uncover your mouthwatering meal.

Indian Night celebrates Fiji’s other predominant culture, with an array of curry dishes and tasty side dishes. Poolside barbecues, wood fired pizza lunches, Happy Hour bonfires, crab races and Trivia Nights are all regular features in our open air restaurant.


Escape to a world of your own with the Private Beach Picnic Experience.

Lalati staff will set up a secluded getaway on a beach only accessible by boat. Surrounded by the clear waters of Beqa Lagoon, you’ll enjoy a gourmet picnic basket, cooler of your favorite drinks, table, chairs and towels. In front are crystal blue waters and a reef teeming with life.

Enjoy your picnic, a beach walk, and snorkel over kaleidoscope colored fish and reefs. Call your staff when you are ready to return to “civilization” once again.


With your feet in the sand, a bucket of icy drinks by your side, enjoy an impromptu bonfire on the beach and top it off with stargazing in the southern skies.

Or relax, poolside, while Lalati chefs fire up the grill, and toss on a variety of treats – sustainably caught seafood, chicken, Fiji sausages, lamb – served together with fresh salads and tasty sides.


The rich, volcanic soil of Beqa Island provides an ideal canvas for the produce grown on site at Lalati Resort. Savory herbs – basil, rosemary, chives and lemon grass – grow lush and beautiful in the nutrient rich gardens. Traditional Fijian root crops and greens grow side by side with artisan vegetables: aubergine, capsicum, bok choy, cucumbers, English cabbage, long beans, vine ripened tomatoes and an array of leafy lettuce varieties.

Some of Lalati’s produce comes from the new hydroponic system, insuring clean, pure vegetables and fresh pungent herbs at each meal.

Lalati also works hand in hand with the local farmers to educate on which crops best fit the culinary styles for international cuisine. Lalati’s fruit plantation also bears lush tropicals – bananas, pineapple, passionfruit, papaya, coconut and mango.

Our gardeners carefully tend the garden, using techniques of their ancestors. They watch the phases of the moon, the rising and falling of the tides, to ensure crops are bountiful, succulent and just-picked ready, from the garden to the kitchen to your plate.



  • Poolside Barbecues
  • Fish: Chowder, Flaked Walu Salad
  • Sandwiches : Focaccia, Steak, Grilled vegetable
  • Salads: Chicken Caesar, Tuna Nicoise
  • Deconstructed Sushi – prawn or chicken


  • Miso Honey Glazed Ahi Tuna
  • Pork Medallion : with apple confit
  • Balsamic Chicken with mint and pine nuts
  • Vegetarian: crepes, tempura, grilled kebabs, eggplant parmesan
  • Lamb: marinated with soy and ginger, and served with a rosemary sauce
  • Bacon wrapped beef medallions
  • Passion Fruit Mousse : Simply Amazing!
  • Chocolate truffle or hot chocolate souffle
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