Diving in Beqa Lagoon

Some of the best dive sites in the world!

The multihued soft corals and immense variety of marine life is what differentiates South Pacific diving from diving in the Caribbean, and in the crystal clear waters of Beqa Lagoon, you’ll find your dive sites are considered by many to be some of the best dive spots in the world. Soft corals unique to Fiji proliferate here, due to the nutrients in the tides that flow in and out of the lagoon.

You’ll be entranced by our sea life – Angels & Butterflies, Groupers & Coral Cods, Sweetlips & Batfish – all meander in and out of kaleidoscopic colored coral reefs. Schooling barracuda, big eyed trevally, triggerfish, rays and turtles, and the Great Shark Encounter. Crustaceans big and small – from the tiny sea spiders to the painted spiny lobsters, vibrant crabs to cleaner shrimp, and the elusive and rare blue ribbon eel.


Beqa Lagoon diving is captivating. Surrounded by one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, it pops up on lists all over – including the top 10 dive destinations in the world, and one of the “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” Surrounded by over 190 miles of hard and soft coral reefs, this amazing living aquarium delights both novice and seasoned diver alike.

Visibility lies between 60-100 feet, with warm tropical water temperatures that vary depending on the season, ranging from 73ºF/23ºC to 83ºF/28ºC. Your expert Dive Team at our own Blue Starfish Dive Centre have led groups from across the globe. We have PADI Dive Masters and Dive Instructors, specialists in many fields – fish identification, underwater photography, nitrox and more. Combined with Lalati’s intimate size, the Dive Team epitomizes the personalized experience you get on each and every dive trip and two purpose-built, dedicated dive boats offer comfort and safety to our divers

Underwater Wonders Beqa Lagoon
Underwater Wonders Beqa Lagoon


With the encompassing reef, there are an unlimited number of dive sites in Beqa Lagoon, and most are as close to your front door as a quick 5-20 minute boat ride away. A kaleidoscope of soft corals abound. You’ll find an amazing biodiversity of colorful reef fish and pelagics – with over 1000 species to enjoy. A huge variety of soft, hard, leather and whip coral abound as well as multi-colored sponges.

There are 5 wrecks available to Lalati divers, some of which are covered in multicolored soft corals and invertebrates. And for the nudi fans, you’ll love the hundreds of different species, in spectacular colors, that you’ll find.