Lalati Resort and Spa is a well-planned, environmentally green resort created to affect a minimal impact on the virgin surroundings. The resort is eco conscious, carefully constructed to blend with the natural environment and to reduce effect on the beautiful natural surroundings, local habitat, and pristine waters of the bay.

Construction of the main building honors the Fijian craftsmen of old, constructed in the chiefly manner with soaring ceilings, Fijian hardwood poles and specially woven pole designs. Villas and cottages mimic this construction, with roomy, rustic comfort. Grounds feature waves of native tropical gardens, meandering paths, orchids, hibiscus and exotic floral displays.

Every effort is made to sustain the virgin land and surrounding sea. Gardens are fed with recycled wash water, bathrooms utilize composting or incinerating toilet systems. Since Lalati is located so close to the water, this one step is essential in preventing any septic system contamination that can lead to the sea and destroy the fragile reef system.

Produce is either grown in the resort gardens or sourced from local farmers. Fish is sustainable caught fresh from Fijian fishing boats. Any food not consumed makes its way to “pig buckets” which are gathered daily by the local villagers to assist them in their village piggeries.

Eco Harmony

To Lalati Resort owners and managers, sustainability extends beyond the usual and customary. We reach out to our village neighbors to help them in understanding safe and sustainable fishing practices, and have provided storage tanks and trained in methods for collecting clean rain water. We also instruct our guests in proper techniques when snorkeling or scuba diving over reefs, to protect this fragile environment.

We also encourage our village team to preserve their distinctive culture. We hold weekly cultural activities at the resort, myths and legends sessions, kava ceremonies, lovo festivities and firewalking ceremonies – not only geared towards sharing this experience with guests from around the globe, but to provide an arena for the conservation of these uniquely Fijian traditions.

Our pristine environment and special location is something we are blessed to live in each and every day, and as owners and managers, we are entrusted with its care and protection. And we take this responsibility to heart!