Are you all inclusive? … what is included in the price?

We include most of what you will need, with few exceptions. Our prices include your accommodations, 3 meals per day while you are at the resort, your boat transfers from our dock in Pacific Harbour to the island and return, government taxes, and complimentary resort activities. Rates do not include beverages, charged activities, airport transfers (which can be organized for an additional fee), spa treatments or boutique items.

How do you get to the resort from the airport?

Your accommodation package includes boat transfers, to and from the island, from our dock in Pacific Harbour. We can organize airport transfers, for an additional fee, via vehicle, and take you down the Coral Coast to our boat dock. From there our “water taxi” will transfer you across the sea to the resort. Please check with us regarding arrival and departure times. In order to get you to the boat dock before sundown, arrivals into Nadi Airport must be by 2:30-3  pm, depending on season. For departures, we cannot get you to the airport before noon, so plan your departure flights accordingly.

Do you pick up from other locations?

We will gladly pick you up from any location – from Nadi to Suva and points in between, for an additional fee.

When is check in/check out time?

Check in is when you arrive! We will endeavor to get you into your room quickly upon your arrival. Check out time is 8:30 a.m.

Are you a luxury resort?

We are not a 5 star luxury resort. We are barefoot elegance, relaxed and casual in true Fiji style. What this means is that there are no phones in your room, and no 24 hour room service. We will serve you a meal on your veranda if you wish, or poolside or beachside. We are a place where you can leave your troubles behind you, not worry about fussing, and have a truly relaxing vacation.

Are you a dive resort?

We have a dedicated 5 star PADI dive center to cater to divers needs. However, we are not a “dive resort” as a large majority of our guests are at Lalati to enjoy a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary or tropical getaway

Is your resort handicap accessible?

Resorts in Fiji are not required to meet the American Disabilities Act because of location. We suggest that if you have issues with mobility, to check with us as to whether Lalati would be appropriate.

Are the rooms close to the main building?

The Villas are the closest rooms to the main building. The Honeymoon Villas are located at the far end of the property. From the Villas, it’s a quick stroll to the main building, from the Honeymoon Villas, the distance is around 200-400 yards from the main building.

What kind of cuisine do you serve?

Our meals are based around the abundance of local fish and seafood that is found in Fiji, as well as local and imported meats. It is continental cuisine with a strong Pacific Rim influence. Dietary restrictions are catered to, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

Are there snacks between meals?

There are no snacks served between meals, but our gift shop carries chips, crackers and cheese, cookies, candy bars and granola bars for purchase. Additionally, if you find yourself hungry between meals, you can check with the staff, as there is normally banana bread and muffins in the kitchen that they can bring you. Additionally, we have complimentary happy hour snacks from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Is there WiFi, and if so, can I get it in my room?

We offer several WiFi packages – from an hour to a week. WiFi is available in the main building and area around the main building (pool area and spa) but the signal does not reach into the rooms.

What type of electricity is at the resort?

Lalati operates on 240 volts 50 cycles (Htz). Some adapters are available at the resort. Adapters are not transformers or converters. These are ONLY to be used if your electrical devise operates on a voltage range from 100-250V 50-60 HTZ. Please check with management before plugging in any electrical devices, even if you have your own adapters. Hairdryers are supplied in each room, as are toiletries (soaps, shampoo and conditioner).

Is the water safe at the resort?

Water is sediment filtered throughout the resort. In the restaurant and bar area it is also UV filtered for maximum protection. Water in the villas and cottages is paper and sand filtered, and we recommend you consume bottled water or water provided from the resort restaurant and bar for utmost in caution. Bottled water is available in each room mini fridge and at the resort bar area. And staff will give you a pitcher of UV filtered water for you to keep in your room fridge.

Are there any dangerous insects or wildlife on the island?

As we are in a tropical environment, there will be insects. However, Fiji is blessedly free of any poisonous insects or dangerous wildlife.

Is there a market or a store where I can buy toiletries, snacks, cigarettes, etc.?

Lalati is located on an outer island. There are no roads on Beqa Island, and no shops. If you need to purchase anything, we suggest you do this in the duty free at the airport

Do you have a Kids Club? Are children welcome?

We welcome children aged 16 and up. We do not have specific children’s services or a Kids Club, but many of our families with older kids enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, trekking, and other activities the resort staff offers.

My flight departs late at night. What are my options on departure day?

You can organize a late check out, schedule an airport day room, or take advantage of a departure day activity on the main island. Check with our Activities Staff for options once you arrive at the resort.

What’s the best type of donation I can make to the local villages?

Donations that are appreciated are: clothing, school supplies, sports equipment, games and simple toys, fish hooks and lines, guitar strings, reading glasses, kitchen towels, toiletries, basic medical/first aid supplies. We ask that guests to NOT bring candy for the children, as good dental care is a concern, and there are no dentists on the island, so please refrain from bringing sugary treats.

Can I exchange money at the resort?

For the best rate, we recommend you exchange your foreign currency at the airport when you arrive. We can do money exchanges, but note that there is an 8% fee for processing.

Can I do any activity on any day?

Activities are scheduled on weekly basis. Some activities, like Fijian Firewalking, are only available one day a week, while others are available several times. If you wish do to an activity that isn’t scheduled, please check with your Activities Staff to see if they can organize it for you.

I like to do a run/walk every day. Are there walking/hiking/running trails that I can use on my own?

There are many hiking and trekking areas, but we request that you bring a local staff member with you. Because the land is Fiji owned, simply walking into or by a village is akin to walking into someone’s home. So it is best to organize with the resort to have a local guide, to make sure that you are not walking into someone’s private property or plantation. We do not have running trails, but we can take you on a hike that will surely raise your heartrate!

I’m not a certified diver but I know you have an intro to diving activity. If I do that, can I do the famous shark dive?

The Discover Dive Course is a brief introduction into the sport of scuba diving. If you take this half day course with us at the resort, it enables you to dive, with an instructor, to a certain depth. It does not, however, qualify you to participate in the Shark Encounter, which is only for certified divers.

What should I pack?

Depending on the time of year, light, casual, cotton clothing works best in the tropics. Dress code is comfortable and casual, flip flops are the footwear of choice. Bring ample sunscreen and insect repellent, which is also available for purchase in the resort boutique. For cooler tropical nights, a wrap or lightweight jacket is recommended. If you plan to visit our neighboring villages, you must cover knees and shoulders – shorts are not allowed. Inexpensive sulus are available for purchase in the resort gift shop

Do you offer surfing trips?

Lalati is within access to Frigate’s Passage, a powerful, barreling left-hander that breaks directly on the reef, in the middle of the sea. For surfers wanting a challenge, we do organize trips to Frigate’s. However, we cannot guarantee you will be able to surf while at the resort, as it is dependent on the conditions of the break, wind and seas, as well as the availability of the boats (Frigate’s is a good 45 minute boat ride away). If you are looking to surf in Fiji, you’d be better served by a dedicated surf resort on the main island.