The Resort

A fresh, natural Fijian experience

Lalati Resort features 16 private and separate accommodations:

The main bure, which houses the bar and restaurant and is the general meeting place, is built in the chiefly style with soaring ceilings and huge posts. You’ll also discover a fantastic Activities Bure, with staff awaiting to plan your activities, a spa with full spa menu, and lots of adventures right outside your door.

Lalati Resort & Spa is a place for inspiration. A totally authentic, fresh and natural Fijian experience.

Surround yourself with virgin rainforest, warm tropical waters, kaleidoscope skies. Immerse yourself in romance, adventure, rejuvenation or absolute relaxation in our unspoiled corner of the world. Where the genuine warmth and world-renowned friendliness of the Fijian people creates a haven for lovers and loved ones, for adventurers and families, for seekers and explorers.