Finding Nemo in Malumu Bay

Right outside your front door is the most amazing underwater playground imaginable. The reef absolutely teems with life in colorful abandon. Your activities crew will fit you with snorkeling gear, which allows you to slip on your fins and mask, and head out your door and into the blue!

Beqa Lagoon is known for its soft coral gardens and rich marine biodiversity, helping Fiji earn the title of the “Soft Coral Capital of the World.” Over 400 species of coral live in the nutrient rich waters of Fiji, most well represented in Beqa Lagoon. Corals and sea life remain for the most part, untouched and unadulterated.

Your activities guides have grown up in and around the Beqa Lagoon waters, and they delight in sharing the mysteries of the deep with all their guests. Slide off our dock and into a world that looks like a Disney creation! Swaying soft corals, hard coral gardens, macro critters, and school upon school of curious, bright tropical fish swim in and around the reef right in front of the resort.

For a further adventure, let us take you to The Point, one of our favorite snorkeling spots, just a 5 minute boat ride away.

Snorkeling on Beqa Island
Snorkeling Beqa Island - Lalati Resort

Here you’ll experience even more of what makes Beqa Lagoon snorkeling so famous.

Lalati Resort’s specialty is our Snorkeling Safari. We’ll take you, via boat, to some of the most remarkable, world class Fiji snorkeling spots, in true safari style.

We’ll hop off and on the boat and check out the most nutrient rich reefs you’ll ever hope to see.