Tokota Niu Spa

Your relaxation station

Cast your troubles and worries out to sea. Find your Inner Yoda. Change your view of the world. Our gifted therapists await – with warm, open and loving hearts – to offer you an exceptional spa experience.

The Totoka Niu Spa is 100% nature-based. Holistic treatments utilize only the most natural and purest ingredients found, harvested from our local surroundings. Papaya, pineapple, mango and guava, pure virgin coconut oil, sea salt, Fijian raw cane sugar, seaweed, local nuts, star fruit, leaves from the banana and ti plants, all feature on our spa menu, in our body wraps, scrubs, facials and signature massages.

Spa - at Lalati Resort & Spa
Spa at Lalati Resort and Spa


The Totoka Niu Spa emphasizes the “3 R’s”: Rejuvenation, Relaxation, and Renewal. It is your sanctuary – your place to retreat, de-stress & re-charge. Our therapists are trained and schooled, but also skilled in ways that cannot be taught, but must be handed down from one generation to the next – the ways of the traditional Fijian “bobo.”

Silhouetted against jungle clad hills, the spa’s four comfortable treatment rooms and staff offer a full menu of indulgent therapies to provide you with your own stress-free zone.


To optimize your rejuvenating Lalati experience, consider purchasing our Spa Package when you book your stay.
Spa Indulgence Package – $200 US per person
Pre-Booked Package includes:

  • Island Bliss – Scalp Massage and deep hair treatment, with mini facial (40 minutes)

  • Banana Leaf fruit wrap or Sugar/Coconut scrub, followed by a 1 hour massage

  • Specialty Massage – choose from our menu – 1 hour treatment

Spa package is only available for prebooking. It is not available once you arrive at Lalati Resort.

For our Australian guests, contact us for rates in AUD

Spa - Lalati Resort & Spa