Being “green” and sustainable is not only about recycling plastic bottles. It’s also about protecting the way we interact with our environment.

Here at Lalati Resort’s Blue Starfish Dive Centre, our mission with guests is to educate about proper reef etiquette. The world’s coral reefs are a fragile ecosystem, and any interaction we, as humans, have with this system alters it.

So we teach the “no touch” policy and teach our guests to be aware of their surroundings when entering the water – whether it be to scuba dive, to swim, to snorkel or to kayak. We want all to “take only pictures, leave only bubbles.”


Fins up is the policy for divers and snorkelers at Lalati Resort & Spa. A good kick with a fin can cause irreparable damage to the reef. Even touching the reef can be damaging.

In the water and on the shore, an empty shell can look like a collectible to take home and place on your mantle. In reality, it’s a future home for sea creatures “upsizing” their residence.

Lalati Resort also expands its reach by offering instruction and training to local staff and surrounding villagers on conservation and ecology.

It’s our commitment to the seas that allows you, as a guest, to step off our dock, into the deep, and the kaleidoscope of entrancing colors that never cease to amaze and delight!