View sunset over Yanuca

Today’s politics have you in a panic? Stressed about “what’s next.” Well here’s a look at where to escape!

We happened to stumble upon a this new post on a blog Titled “Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In if World War 3 Breaks Out.” Whilst we’re sure that much of the video (and be sure you watch it all!) was done tongue-in-cheek, it’s always important to follow the old scouting adage and “Be Prepared.”


10. Switzerland
9. Tuvalu
8. New Zealand
7. Bhutan
6. Chile
5. Iceland
4. Greenland
3. Malta
2. Ireland
1. Fiji

The good news? We’re open and we welcome any and all who want to escape to peace, serenity and whatever worries you. And even better, we are just a stone’s throw away from both Tuvalu and New Zealand. So travel to other “safe” countries is a breeze.

We recommend you plan a visit to #1 – and Lalati Resort & Spa. Not only are we in the #1 spot, we are on an outer island – we generate our own electricity, are located in a “safe harbor” and if food runs out, we have a plethora of seafood, fruits and vegetables on hand. AND – our staff can climb coconut trees. What more could you possibly need?